Research, Consultancy & Training

Let us simplify things and smooth the way for you
If you need help researching how to take your project forward or de-jargonising what you find, if you need informed advice or training in one of our areas of expertise, Sableworks can help you. We can put our expertise at your disposal so that you can move forwards with confidence.

Research can be time-consuming, especially if you have to wade through unfamiliar terminology and jargon. Sometimes analysis or resolution of a situation is difficult if it's outwith your own area of expertise. We can do the hard work and provide you with clear, plain English reports and advice to let you make the progress you desire. Sableworks will always be honest with you if we need to work with a partner consultant or if you need help we cannot give.

Training is a great way to gain some independence and manage your own development. Our clients have benefitted from bespoke in-house training and technical documentation as well as consultancy on choosing the right certified courses.

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